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"Modern Storytellers"

Karski from Amsterdam Holland, has been painting graffiti since he was 10 years old. After high school, he studied graphic design for 4 years, after which he studied for 4 years at the academy of fine arts. Because of these previous studies Karski-paintings contain realistic, graphic and abstract elements. Above all else, his work is known for the use of original and vivid colour combinations.

Beyond has been playing with graffiti since 1997. 10 years later, after his study in graphic design, Beyond chose to follow his passion and dedicate his life to art. His focus is on making free work, in public spaces and also on canvas. His work is known for his experiments with typography, structures, his precise finish and his eye for detail. With a combination of many layers in his work, his choice of colours and surprising depth, he creates paintings with incredible amounts of dynamic.

Karski and Beyond started combining their skills a few years ago as an experiment. Because the first wall they painted together worked out so well, they decided to join forces. Since then they have created several murals together. Together, their passion is to create and not simply to just take in this life. They feel a need to give something back to society as well.

Karski and Beyond both have a passion for traveling and creating art. It therefore comes to no surpise that, for them, both of them combined equals no less than perfection. When Karski painted his first big mural in the slums of Harare, Zimbabwe, he found out how much a painting does for the people living close proximity.. Before the paintings were made, people where ashamed to tell others they were living in this area, but after the paintings were finished, people became proud to say they were living in one of the “art buildings”. The fact that Karski’s and Beyond’s art combined can make people feel proud of their neighbourhood, as well as happy and safe is something they could never have dreamed of. Their art influences many and because of its relevance, their art makes the world more colourful.. To see people smile while looking at their art is the nicest gift they could ask for.

For Karski and Beyond, art is a way to express themselves, and doing big murals such as these is what makes them feel alive. Each of their paintings tells a story. It is therefore that they truly are modern storytellers.

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